© Underdog Heavy Industries 1969-2011 What we do... We design and build playgrounds and gardens for Schools, Children’s Centres and Nurseries throughout London & South East England.  Our work combines recognised play elements, hard and soft landscaping, traditional crafts and contemporary art.  The process we follow is generally along these lines:  First we consult with all relevant stakeholders to generate a wish list of all the elements the school is hoping to include in their new playground.  This process allows us to establish a brief for the project whilst also allowing us to get a feel for the ethos and atmosphere of the place. Then, taking advantage of our intelligent, holistic approach we will begin thinking about structures, surfaces, routes, materials and planting keeping in mind the big picture of all elements working together in harmony.  This process culminates in the drawing up of outline design & concept plans.  This is a document containing drawings, building plans, descriptions and outline costings. The design & concept plan is then discussed with the stakeholders in order to make sure all the aims have been met and to ensure that the look of the scheme is in accordance with the wishes of the school.  This process takes “as long as it takes” and leads to a finalisation of plans and costs. Finally, once everyone is content, we book dates for the work to commence and resolve all issues relating to site access, security, CRB checks etc. However, we are flexible in our approach and so even after this process is complete it is not too late to change things.  We realise that many factors can result in a change of requirements and we always endeavour to accommodate last minute developments and suggested improvements. We become part of the school community for the duration of the project and we take a lot of care to ensure that this process is friendly and beneficial for the school concerned.  Contacting some of our previous clients will provide insight into the way we manage and deliver our projects. Who we are...  Outer Space Playgrounds are a dedicated team of designers, craftspeople, gardeners and artists who design and build play-spaces.  We have a successful track record of managing playground development projects from conception to delivery.  Our strengths lie in the diversity of our skill- set, our collaborative way of working and our commitment to delivering the very best products we can, within budget and on time. About Us