© Underdog Heavy Industries 1969-2011 Structures We design and build many other structures that don’t fall easily into categories.  We bring the same intelligent approach and creative execution to these objects that we bring to all of our construction projects. Sandpits are very popular with children but can be a headache for the school concerned.  Our sandpits are site specific, visually attractive and have integral covers to keep the local wildlife out when not in use.  We often add functioning cranes or decorative surrounds enhancing usability.  For another example see the Heathlands page. We make Bug Towers to provide habitats for insects whilst allowing students to investigate and examine them. Ball or water runs are also very useful playing and learning installations, often making use of height changes in the site. Planters feature widely in our work as a way of introducing trees and shrubs into areas otherwise devoid of soft landscaping.  The striking Gaudi-esque planter shown at the bottom right is a great example of this.  It has a shaped rendered finish on which we have applied mouldings and mosaic complemented by bold planting.