© Underdog Heavy Industries 1969-2011 Ponds Ponds at schools are a complex but highly rewarding subject.  There are many Health and Safety considerations to take account of particularly in the areas of access and security but a well planned pond area is readily achievable and may attract additional funding for the school (particularly if Biodiversity Action Plan species are present). Here at Outer Space Playgrounds we are experienced in creating ponds in a school context which satisfy health and safety guidelines and provide numerous opportunities for learning activities. We generally only plant native species and endeavour to create a totally self-sustaining ecosystem without the need for pumps or filters.  Although if possible we may abstract water from surrounding roofs.  In this way ponds establish quickly and rapidly attract a wide range of fauna to the area. We include a safe, secure viewing area where children can see what is happening in and around their pond.  We also tend to build a dipping deck which permits more involved pond-dipping activities with the students. The pictures at the top right and bottom left show ponds one year after initial planting.  The other images are of ponds that have only just been planted.  The contrast between the two shows just how rapidly ponds establish themselves.