© Underdog Heavy Industries 1969-2011 Shelters Shelters can be added to playgrounds for a huge variety of reasons.  They are conceptually different to Play Towers as they tend to be destinations as opposed to hubs.  They are quicker and less expensive to build than the towers and are often added during subsequent phases of play space development. Around the page here you can see shelters inspired by teepees and yurts.  The teepee is used as a quiet space for small groups of EYFS children whilst the yurt is used for picnics and storytelling. Shelters are also a good way of utilising corner areas which might otherwise go unused.  The shelter shown to right here became an outdoor classroom as well as providing shade on hot, sunny days. We can also build shelters with a more specific purpose such as the bird hide shown at top right.  This hide was built amongst the trees as part of a woodland walk.  It is fitted with observation slots and equipped with binoculars and bird identification books.  It provides a great opportunity to run projects with the children and link into science and nature observation programs run by The Woodland Trust and The Open University etc.