© Underdog Heavy Industries 1969-2011 College Green Nursery School We have run a multi-stage program at College Green Nursery School with four separate development phases.  Each phase has commenced with extensive input from the school to help shape the finished playground. Initially the school had an unshaded, scrubby area which they wanted to develop into a diverse, highly sensory play-space.  Click to see how it looked.  Shade was important for this playground as well as dividing the space up into distinct areas with multiple paths between. In the first phase we changed the levels of the space and built a sensory tunnel, multi-level ball run, sandpit, several mosaic planters, a play tower and a cluster of allotment beds which the children use for growing vegetables each year.  The ball run allows pupils to place balls at the top level and see them race through a variety of pipes to pop out at the bottom level:  you can see this in more detail in the structures section.  The play tower spans the levels and includes a hidey-hole under the stairs, a shop/cafe role-playing counter, and a prose poem describing the ethos for the garden, whilst the first floor has panels with a dramatic inversion effect according to whether they are viewed from the inside or outside.  After the first phase the school had gained a completely usable play-space. In the second phase we made a wild pond area, with a safe viewing bridge across the pond, a dipping deck, a bug tower and planted only native species in the pond.  This area soon attracted a wide variety of fauna and is now a thriving ecosystem. The second phase also included replacing the boundary fence with a vibrant, interactive construction with texture mazes, musical features and stencilled artwork. In the third phase we brought areas at the front of the school into use by creating a quiet story- telling area and a shelter for parents by the main entrance.  This utilised casts and designs made by the children.  We returned for a fourth stage to add functional decoration to conceal brick walls and old fencing as well as building mobile dividers to make the playground usable by local stay-and-play groups.  Overall we have completely transformed all outside areas of this site. here