© Underdog Heavy Industries 1969-2011 Music Music means a lot to us at Outer Space Playgrounds, which has led us to develop many different musical instruments suitable for play areas.  Despite the challenges of building tuned devices which can withstand the ravages of the British climate and those of over-enthusiastic children we think that it has been worth the effort. Our instruments often take the form of striking sculptural, decorative installations so they provide visual attractiveness whilst intelligent choices about which notes to choose ensure that it is easy to get harmonious, resonant sound without having any musical aptitude. However, for those who have some musical training it is possible to play tuneful melodies using these devices. We build xylophones, lamella-phones, tongue drums, boo-bams, batphones, gongs, tongue pianos, chimes, cymbals, scrapers and shakers.  The list grows ever longer as we evolve new instruments in response to the demands of our clients.  The majority of these can be tuned, and those that have a series of notes can be arranged into octaves complete with sharps if required. If your institution has a music specialism then we are the people to talk to about the development of your new sound garden.