© Underdog Heavy Industries 1969-2011 Plants Planting the right plants in the right places makes an enormous difference to any play area.  Schools and nurseries present a particular set of challenges when designing a planting layout:  plants need to look good throughout the school year (not just in July and August when many schools are closed), with something of interest through all the seasons, plants need to be non- toxic, robust enough to withstand the attention of children, low- maintenance and survive potential droughts throughout the summer. At Outer Space we employ a specialist planting designer and horticulturist to ensure that our soft landscaping thoroughly complements the structures and surfaces we build.  Our plants are chosen to provide lots of sensory stimulation whilst sticking to the principles outlined above. Whether you’re looking for an aromatic herb garden, a dense native-species hedge, fruit and vegetable propagation, specimen trees, dramatic sculptural forms or a wild meadow to attract birds and insects we can deliver it.  Furthermore we integrate it seamlessly with all of the other features within the playground to produce a harmonious whole.