© Underdog Heavy Industries 1969-2011  Willows Primary School At Willows Primary the first piece of development was to build an attractive bike shelter funded by a cycle-to-school scheme.  We used different parts of bicycles to provide the theme for a decorative rear wall to the shelter.  As it was positioned right by the main entrance to the playground it became a talking point amongst the parents and helped the success of the cycle-to-school scheme. The main requirement, however, was to build a divider between the nursery and primary playgrounds with lots of activities and interactive elements incorporated. For the centrepiece of this we designed and built a play tower with wing-like canopies extending from the sides.  We constructed the tower so that only the younger nursery children could gain access to the upper storey; allowing them a rare opportunity to get above the older children and look out across the main playground.  However, the older children were provided with a built-in periscope to allow them to see the same view as the little ones and a talking tube to communicate with them. We created many different panels for the division, most of which are double sided and provide learning opportunities in literacy and numeracy, as well as motor skills, co-ordination and co-operation.  Chalkboards and mirrors were also added along with a range of music and sound makers.   A living willow dome and tunnel was also added (although the picture to the right shows it before it had sprouted!)