© Underdog Heavy Industries 1969-2011 Routes At Outer Space Playgrounds we think routes are really important.  Play spaces often start out as uniform rectangular shapes which can lead to a kind of free-for-all when the children use the space. By defining different areas and constructing multiple pathways between them it is possible to get many more learning and playing opportunities from the space available. We use a wide variety of techniques to build different routes for different purposes.  Bike tracks are often a desirable item from the point of view of the children, but the thoughtful kind of design that we offer is needed to ensure that bike users and pedestrians don’t become entangled in a potentially risky fashion. Sensory paths and tunnels are also a popular choice, allowing us to incorporate climbing plants, mosaics, paintings and many different decorative effects within an area designed to appeal to all the senses.  Our horticulturist will ensure the olfactory is catered for by using a range of aromatic plants whilst the multifarious textures will stimulate the sense of touch. Balance and physical skills can also be developed by inventive design of routes.  Because we design and build every element ourselves we can precisely adjust the level of challenge presented to the children.  We even have materials and methods which will not become slippery even in the wettest of conditions.